The 5x5 Pitch Challenge 

Improve your pitching, get more work and banish freelancer dry spells in 2020

Are you a freelance writer, content creator or creative entrepreneur struggling to pitch? Need new, better clients? Want to break out of the feast and famine of freelancing? 

On Wednesday 8 January, I’m kicking off a pitch challenge just for subscribers of The Professional Freelancer. 

The challenge is to send five pitches a week for five weeks. By the end of the 5x5 Pitch Challenge, you’ll improve your pitches, get more work and have developed a solid pitching habit. 

Each week, I will be sending resources to help you along the way and I’ll be holding a weekly Q&A for us to all hold each other accountable, get support and to celebrate our successes.

If you’re already a subscriber, you don’t have to do anything! The first email officially kicking off the challenge will arrive in your inbox on Wednesday, January 8.

If you’re not a subscriber and want to take part in the challenge, subscribe now to join in and banish those freelancer dry spells.

Along with being able to take part in the challenge, you’ll also get access to the full subscriber benefits. These include in-depth guides to pitching, finances, and mental health, as well as interviews with editors and superstar freelancers.

Subscribers also get access to panel discussions (subject to availability) held in London; past events have included how to get a book deal, future-proofing your career and managing your freelancer finances.

Membership is £9 a month or £90 a year.

For a monthly cost lower than that of one Pret lunch, you get exclusive access to resources that will help you hone your craft and make more money as a freelancer. 

You’ll make the cost of a subscription back in the commissions you’ll land and the higher rates you’ll be able to negotiate. And don't forget that because this is a professional service, you can expense the cost of a subscription on your tax return. 

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